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Psychology’s New Design Science and the Reflective Practitioner suggests that design science has a significant contribution to make in the development of new tools for mental health and wellness. This volume brings together the work of talented designers and clinicians who are exploring the therapeutic encounter as a design challenge. All share their problem setting and problem solving activities. Their examples help us to better understand: a) the processes and pitfalls of therapeutic app development in the marketplace; b) the importance of using theory to structure and organize a developing area of inquiry; c) how mobile data-sensing tools are opening up new avenues of research; d) how the sensibilities and techniques of the therapist are deployed to analyze and develop new media tools and healing environments. Available at Amazon

Preview: Intro and Chapter 1

 Editors: Susan Imholz & Judy Sachter

Psychology’s New Design Science: Theory & Research opens a conversation about how psychology, psychiatry, and the counseling professions will adopt technology as an extension of its skill and expertise. The clinical literature is comprised of three dominant modes of discussion; a) theory which explores and defines the healing process, b) techniques of psychotherapy which are addressed to clinicians, and c) case studies by both clinicians and patients reporting on their experiences of recovery. Our book offers a fourth conversation which includes design reasoning as an established means for applying theory and research to mental health treatment. Available at Common Ground Press

Preview: Intro & Chapter 1 PNDS

 Editors:  Susan Imholz & Judy Sachter